Saturday, August 21, 2004

What is Narvi Flan?

Well, it's not a dessert item that's gone off a bit, if that's what you're thinking, though it did have its origin in the food industry. It happened one day that I was spinning around aimlessly in my computer chair when I looked over and noticed a box of crackers lying on the floor in the corner of the room (yes, I am a slob). On the back of the box there was printed a word jumble wherein, if you looked closely enough, you could make out words relating to the cracker product inside the box, that would, I suppose, make you want to consume the crackers at an even faster rate and then rush out to buy more. I had needed little encouragement to consume them (they were, after all, sour cream and onion flavored), but no amount of literary obfuscation was going to infuse me with the energy to rush anywhere(yes, I like big words) (and parenthesis). Perhaps the jumble was simply there to provide me with added value entertainment, which is what it now did.

I was too far away (and didn't care enough) to make out any of the intended cracker-related words hidden in the jumble, but I could clearly make out two jumbly gems that stuck in my brain long enough for me to scrawl them on the dry-erase board where I wrote things that I didn't want to forget... things like my phone number or "pay your bills". The words were, as you have long since guessed (and yet I continue to drag this pointless story out), "Narvi Flan".

I kept the cryptic name scrawled on my dry-erase board long enough that it eventually became a sort of un-erasable (dry or wet) stain, and the board now lives in my laundry room where I hope to place a washer and/or dryer someday, but that's beside the point... where was I?

Anyway, I eventually used the name for my Star Wars Galaxies character. SWG, in case you didn't know, is a Massively Multiplayer Online Game where thousands of people from all over the place play characters from the Star Wars universe on their home computers. I'd provide a link, but I'm lazy, and it really is a kind of frustrating game.

Narvi was a rodian architect who wandered around collecting dirt to build houses and was occasionally poisoned to death by imperial medics. The most annoying part was that the dirt tended to move around a lot, so you'd have to keep searching for more dirt, and... well, it was about as fun as doing algebra. I cancelled my account, and will not be going back, but I still kinda miss the little green guy who couldn't catch a break, and I think of all that he could have been, if that treasure map he found had lead to something besides an old shipping crate containing a dull pocket knife and a half-full shaker of paprika. It's a pity he had to blast three space pirates to get it. C'est la guerre.

So Narvi Flan lives on, and his memory shall be a happy one. Let out-of-date desserts be named after him, and let them be cut with dull pocket knives and served with a dash of paprika!


Blogger Jess said...


I found the name a bit confusing at first, because of my brother Flon. Not many people decide to name themselves (nearly) after pastries. And you're right about the SWG thing - I don't miss kneeling in the dirt for three hours while alt-tabbed out and keeping an ear out for the sound of something attacking me, or getting carpal tunnel from the crafting screen, but I do miss Grrharr's furry face and her sexy dancing.

8/22/2004 05:53:00 AM  
Blogger Ginger said...

I want those crackers back, they were mine.
Plus, I want 80% Intellectual Property rights on the namesake heretofore known as "Narvi Flan". The ritz company may have something to say about it as well.

9/03/2004 11:25:00 AM  

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